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A Cluster of Wines

Riesling. An aromatic white grape varietal that emits a flowery, perfume-like aroma with a high acidity level. A wine with a variety of sweetness levels that can be achieved depending on the grape, Riesling is extremely versatile and can be enjoyed with any type of cuisine. From dry to sweet, this varietal is quite well known. But have you heard of Whole Cluster Riesling? Thanks to this year’s abundant harvest, the WOMP wineries are able to produce more wines than ever before, including this exclusive offering. Megan Molloy from Chateau Grand Traverse stopped by to speak to our friends at FOX 2 Detroit about the distinct flavors of the wine.

Whole Cluster Riesling is a high quality, low production wine that is hand-harvested in the entire cluster and pressed without being de-stemmed. The juices are then left to ferment and find their own equilibrium, which allows the grape speak for itself, in a sense, and makes for a very natural-tasting wine. The Whole Cluster is a bit of a drier wine, but it does have a bit of natural sweetness that comes right from the grape.  

Click here to watch the whole segment and learn more about WOMP and Chateau Grand Traverse.

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