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Bask in the Bubbles

Last week, winemaker and co-owner of 2 Lads Winery, Cornel Olivier, visited our friends from FOX 2 Detroit to discuss sparkling wine.

One common question we receive is “How are bubbles added to sparkling wines?” The answer to this question is that bubbles aren’t added at all! They are actually produced naturally during the fermentation process. To create the bubbles, the wine is fermented in the bottle itself. This process will last for one to two months and generates the carbon dioxide that produces the bubbles. Nine to twelve months later, a crisp, sweet sparkling wine is ready to be enjoyed.

Click here to learn more about sparkling wines and 2 Lads’ South African influence.

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Posted by WOMP on Jul 18 , 2017 - 08:13 am

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