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Vertical Wine Tasting

Michigan Wine Month is still in full swing, particularly with WOMP, and we're celebrating with a vertical wine tasting of the sweet German wine Gewürztraminer. Vertical wine tasting is simply a tasting session that includes a range of vintages of a single type of wine. Recently, Brys Estate's winemaker, Coenraad Stassen, visited our friends at FOX 2 Detroit to talk about some of the characteristics of Gewürztraminer and the difference that aging wine in a bottle can make.

Gewürztraminer is naturally spicy with hints of sweet tropical flavors. When the wine is young, it has a bit of a green tint and has a more sharp taste on the palette. As it ages, the color changes to resemble more of a golden honey color. That's because as the wine sits in the bottle, it will oxidize slowly and will develop more sweet honey characteristics. A vertical tasting of the wine can help you to see, and taste, the difference.

Click here to learn more about vertical wine tasting and Gewürztraminer.

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Posted by WOMP on May 16 , 2017 - 12:38 pm

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