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Blind Tasting

Have you ever heard wine friends talk about a “blind tasting?” It has nothing to do with you in a blindfold and hoping you don’t miss your mouth! But in some respects, the wine is “blindfolded” from your view. 2 Lads Winery Social Media Manager Caryn Chachulski explains the basics:
A blind tasting is when a group of friends – or us self-identified wine geeks ­– get together with the intent to learn a little something. By putting the wines in brown bags to hide the label and the shape of the bottle, you are forced to rely on your other senses to evaluate the wines, allowing you to compare wines without prejudices or preconceived notions. Blind tastings are usually held with certain parameters set in advance: Perhaps the wines are all the same grape variety, or all from the same AVA, or the same vintage of the same variety, or maybe all the wines cost less than $20. Whatever you choose as the parameters depends on what you want to get out the tasting.

To host a blind tasting, you can either have everyone bring a bottle of wine based on your direction, or choose the wines yourself and have everyone pitch in for the cost of the wines. Ultimately, one person doesn’t get to fully play along, since someone has to open all the bottles, put them in numbered bags, and preferably arrange them in the proper drinking order (e.g. from delicate to more powerful).

To get started with your first blind tasting, I suggest brown-bagging 6-8 wines and choose all one grape variety. Buy wines from different parts of the world but from a similar vintage, preferably within a range of only 2-3 years apart. This will allow you to understand both similarities and differences in what a variety can express. For example, you may get dark cherry fruit in many of the wines, but one may be a brighter tart cherry; some may have more tobacco, and others might have more spice. This allows you to learn and understand the range of wine that can be created from one grape variety, depending on where and how it’s grown.


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