The Experience is Delicious

The Experience is Delicious

Ever wondered how to taste wine? Or maybe you had a question about the Old Mission wine trail? Explore all of our “How To’s” to learn all about how you can take a tour of the wine trail, wine tasting etiquette, and more.

  • How to Take a Tour

    How to Take a Tour

    For all its amazing scenery, perhaps the real beauty of the WOMP trail is that you can take it at your own pace. Stop at one, several, or all of the Old Mission wineries depending on your mood, schedule, or the whim of your group. The trail stretches along the Old Mission Peninsula and includes nine wineries, each offering its own distinctive discovery. Enjoy a self-guided tour to hit all of your must-sees or hire a private shuttle bus to assume driving duties and scheduling.

  • How to Taste Wine

    How to Taste Wine

    Wine tasting encompasses all five senses – how people perceive the look, flavors, smells, tactile sensations, and even the sound of wine. Each of your senses enhances the tasting experience, so you should pay keen attention to your senses as you ready yourself to taste that glass of wine.

  • Tasting Room Etiquette

    Tasting Room Etiquette

    Be open-minded. Try something new. Explore and discover new favorites.

  • FAQs


    Some answers to common questions relating to the WOMP wine-tasting experience.